Anniversary Gifts Celebration

I love a relationship  anniversary gifts  celebration, where gifts  are

exchanged between partners.  This type of anniversary  restore

excitement and pleasure in relationship.

With  most anniversary celebration, it's always the woman who

remembers the time and date of the event.  Sometimes she has to remind

her partner.  However,there are also anniversary celebration where both

partners remembers,and plan a secret something,something for each other

with gifts. That anniversary is usually very excited because both partners

where thinking of each other.

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What is an anniversary?

A  Anniversary is a time in ones' life when something occurred that is

memorable. The event that occurred is remembered and celebrated every

year on the same  month, date, and sometimes even time. This event


  • The day you met your significant other
  • Your first kiss
  •  When you proposed or was proposed to
  •  When you got married
  •  When a loved-one deceased
  •  Being handed the key to your first house
  •  A birthday
  •  The years you have been together(something                   
      unforgettable, which leads to an (unforgettable

The event for celebration doesn't have to be a large one, depending on

what type of event it is. However the anniversary is acknowledged with

love and appreciation.  If it's a relationship event, then there's a planned

 celebration  to acknowledge a milestone in achieving such efforts,(as

mentioned, gifts are exchanged  from one partner to another to show

appreciation and favor). This is a time for couples to draw closer to each


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Planning  Any Anniversary Celebration

The place for the event should be preplanned,(whether it's

home or in a grand hotel), and the gifts also should already be

prepared and set aside for surprise giving. Women in particular, look

forward to a anniversary,(and hope that it's remembered by a

partner),whether it's a  spouse,or sweetheart, "the day"is very important.

The woman is excited,  and look forward perhaps, to be placed on a

pedestal on such a day.

  • Every woman, no matter how strong or weak her personality, wants to be special in her partner's eyes, especially when a anniversary is approaching, (so anniversary gift ideas is in-order).
  • She wants her partner to appreciate and adore her, and if possible, secretly arrange or already prepared a cerebration to surprise her on such an event with a creative anniversary gift, even if she has something planned for him.

What  most women want, but may not verbalize it.

1.She would love to feel like a princess,or a queen on such   a memorable day.

2.Then finally  be carried off into a romantic setting,(be it a elegant hotel, or     even  a motel), if  that's what you can afford.

And depending  on how warm and caring that partner is, that special woman

may surprise him, as she become that amazing seductress.

What women Want men to Know...

Men- I have encountered women who are irritable- angry-

moody,depressed, frustrated all the time(and they show it at work,some talk

about it).   Majority of the women are this way,because of you,(her

partner),they are unhappy with their relationship,because you make no effort

in the relationship to be inspiring,caring,(do things that makes  her happy). 

Women verbalized that "if he could just buy me some flowers,or just do

something different" for me that one day,I would be happy, "everyday is the

same-thing!" Hello men, are you there?

In spite of the short coming in the  relationship,these women

stick with you, her partner,spouse,or friend.  She love  you,care about

you and endure another  unfulfilled anniversary that wasn't realized,

(forgotten anniversary). These  woman are  fairly miserable because  they        

have to remind you their partner that they once  shared a beautiful  past and

today is the day that brings back memories, and it's been( ----)since that

happened on this day,our anniversary.

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Take time to Celebrate..

Anniversary Gifts Celebration  Doesn't Require A Large Budget. Even if you

are on a budget, and cannot afford all the lush stuff.  This special woman

who loves you, will settle for "one" single rose that you

selected because you thought of her,( and she didn't have to remind you of

such an event). She will even settle for a Burger King or McDonald if that's

all you can afford, but you did remember that special occasion, and want her

to know you remembered and you care about her.

Women that Takes Men for Granted..

Anniversary Gifts even for women who Takes Men for Granted...

Then I know of women who get the roses, and the gifts. Their husband,

and partner remembered the special occasion,but the anniversary gifts

and the husband, the  partner are taken for granted, "unappreciated". Life

is so unfair! both partners are missing the incredible gift in each other.

About Anniversary, Men - do not forget to do the little things that brings pleasure to  That  special     woman    who  loves   you. 

Celebrate the gift in her. So Men - remember when you were pursuing

her, you would do whatever it takes to get her. What does it take just to

continue doing just a fraction of that part of what it took to get her?

Women, men who  remembers you- do not forget to be

thankful for   what you've got  -the beautiful gift in your partner.  You,(can find

a whole lot of body, but   not a whole lot of somebody who truly love

you,adores you and  truly  cares about you).

Your perfect Love say Good Bye Anniversary Gifts

I have heard (women and men) brag "S/he loves me too much to leave

me"then they are shock and so am I,when the partner say '"goodbye"

to the relationship.  Remember human beings will "put up with",and

"tolerate" so much so long,so do not forget to care,and don't forget to

show genuine warmth to the "one you love" with your anniversary gift

ideas always.

Anniversary Gifts  for any  Taste and Style...

First, in order to select the right gift for your  partner, you MUST know their

taste and style,(interest and activity), for example, is your woman  the type   

that will settle for the ordinary or simple things in life?  or does she love

elegance? (then you cannot bring her to McDonald, or a cheap motel).  You

cannot bring her a single  rose,  (or any silk rose),instead bring her a bouquet, 

or other flowers, (a elegant plant if she has a green thumb).  And by the

way, (if she doesn't like flowers,or-candy, don't pull a fast one, and bring her

that). Is she a sport enthusiast, is she into healthy living?. Does she prefers to

wear a  long satin nightgown to bed than a  short sexy baby doll? Choose a gift

based  on who this person is, not what you like only.  Some gifts to give...

  • Take Her out somewhere special, (is not a must),but it's a fantastic thing to do (a elegant dinner is in order).
  • A luxury hotel overnight stay (if you can afford it)
  • A night out of town somewhere.
  • An exquisite bouquet of flowers.
  • A fabulous jewelry of your choosing.
  • Pearl or diamond earrings.
  • Heart Diamond bracelet.
  • Pearl or diamond necklace.
  • His/hers split heart chain.
  • Sterling silver double heart pendant
  • A fully paid for Day Spa Treatment.
  • A sexy something,something from Victoria Secret..(walk in the Mall to the store,and pick it out yourself,whatever your heart's desire), then pour her some wine..
  • Cashmere robe.
  • Watch some great movies together,).(then hand her a gift.
  • An adorable anniversary gift ideas basket.
  • A baby Doll or chemise and bikini set (that you love, and would love to see her in).
  • Gold earrings
  • Gold engraved bracelet.
pink babydoll anniversary gifts for her

Anniversary Gifts For Him..

The man in Your Life. Select Lovely gifts based on His Taste and Style..

Do you really know this man? Do you really know what he likes and

enjoys doing, (other than making you happy)?   Choose gifts for him based

on his personality type, what he enjoys doing, his activity, his career

choice,his interest, how he likes to dress,(not  just how you want him to

look). Is he the well dressed, casual, or  outdoorsy type? gift him accordingly.

Choosing and giving gifts to  a man, (the one you love), has nothing to do

with how much you  can spend,(but when you select gifts based on his taste

and his style), you win.

  • Paid for a night out to his favorite hotspot,or hotel (complete with wine and rose petals on his bed,leading right up to the door.
  • Personalized bracelet
  •  Personalized cuff links
  •  Gold necklace
  • Special engraved watch
  •  Fully paid day spa treatment
  •  Fully paid first months gym membership
  • First day flying lesson
  •  First day rafting lesson
  • The mountain bike he was talking about
  • Fully paid one day ski trip
  • Pick up the tab,your next night out
  • Improvement golf lesson,)paid for a month).

Women,every man wants to know that you love and appreciate him.  He

wants to feel like a king,even if he is not one in yours eyes.  But it's known

that the more you praise a man,the better he becomes.

Great gifts for you and her..

I'm able to express my thoughts, ideas and experience with this gift I

gift myself.    I can  share my story, my life experience with you.

Do something with your gift, (share your thoughts and ideas), and let this

technology work for you, Solo Build It! Let this special man know that he is your

knight in shining armor,(let this dear woman knows that  she is special),with

this gift. Great celebration  together!

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