Creative Gift Ideas-
A Unique Gift for Everyone

This  creative gift ideas,  is a unique gift that you will truly love. This  gift is like  finding "the one"  as a person finding that special someone with character, one who's trustworthy.  A gift that will bring out the best in you.

I Found A Winner for A Creative Gift Ideas

When I stumbled upon  this unique gift. I know that I found a winner. 

Years before,I attempted a potentially income  generating venture that I didn't research on. It was a entrepreneurial  pathway that I didn't know anything about,(but I was willing to take great risk for).

As long as i know that I could succeed in the end.  However, I had no guidance, no support, I just went on the  journey  and hope that  I would  make it in the end.

Then I even considered a few gift ideas to congratulate myself with),when I made it.

My Journey to  a Creative Gift Ideas Began 

A colleague of mine got two seminar tickets in the mail. Something 
about "the internet,making money,eBay,your own website."

I cannot recall the exact  detail, but (i was excited and interested 
about attending this seminar). Because I  had actually  attended a "workshop" about eBay the previous year.

So I desperately wanted to learn all the strategies to succeed with eBAY,  (however,I didn't know it then, but this workshop wasn't the creative gift ideas yet).

My First Business Seminar To Creative  Gift Ideas..

The speaker at this seminar, spoke about building your own website,earning revenue  online,  and eBay; (it was an exciting day).

He made myself,(and I assume the audience), feel as though we could turn on any  computer and immediately  start generating revenue from the net. He had an incredible gift of motivation.

I should also mention that (I didn't know how to turn on any computer),  i had never even  surf the web before. But at  the end of this seminar, I over-drafted my credit card,(paying over $3000.00  to join the program). 

I desperately wanted to become an entrepreneur, (by earning passive income), Which i thought would make me set for my future retirement. I was willing to take a chance for the lifestyle that I wanted

Creative Gift Ideas  for a Successful Lifestyle

I was excited to be going home with a pile of information, (such as 
tapes,books,and phone support),materials that would help me developed and maintain my own business,(I was ecstatic). 

I was more excited  to know also that the internet was a fairly new technology that was making new millionaires.  And (yes, I did learn  how to turn a computer on).

I build  an impressive website,(with the help  of  a family members. Me asking loads of questions like, how? What? where? Why I cannot? you get the picture?), I even created a domain  name called" (that  specializes in housewares of all types, and other type of gifts.

However,  my website just sat there on the internet,(the only people who found me),was the ones I informed about my website,(not one click). 

All wasn't lost however,, I got my start to change from this company.  I also realize that I have some unique talent,(and I actually still wanted to keep trying despite my failure). 

I Stumbled upon a Better Way of Life Income Generating Technology

I was still working in my chosen career, and surfing the Net. Then I stumbled upon a better path to a great lifestyle change. Here I was(I was spending money on my  first website every month to maintain it),but no revenue was coming in. 

I was attempting different  strategies that wasn't working.  Now here before me was  (a new and effective way to make a new life). I stopped working on my current  website,(and my domain name was just floating around on the web). I even presented my website up for sale, (but no one  was buying).

This new technology that I stumbled upon,(still had me  shaken). I didn't want to venture out on the internet and fail again. So it  took me approximately three years  before I  eventually got motivated to try again, (don't let it take you that long to change directions).

Awesome Gift for Creative People Everywhere..

 I build this website,  with this creative gift. I never wrote before, except essays in school. Writing was never my forte),however I was taught how to gather all my thoughts and ideas, and how to   formulate  them into a whole to build this project. 

And  although I had  a full time career,and was pressed  for  time,I was still able to build this site effective enough for free traffic to come in.

I revitalize my old domain name,  and transfer it  over to  this new ip address, and this website become my new home with new ideas.

Talented Creative Gift Ideas for Success

You, have so much talent.  Why do you sit  around and waste your time waiting for employment?  You have so much to give the world- so much to write about.

You have the (millions  of dollars burning up,shrinking, wasting away,(all from inside  you)- you need to create).   

Perhaps, you didn't know how great a person you are.  You could shock yourself of the things you could create. Come out of your shell, and try  something new).  You can  make a  difference in your life.

Unemployed Educated People Come and Utilize Creative Gift Ideas..

Here is a list of some of the most educated people in America, and around the world, who are unemployed, (listed on the internet). They have thousand of dollars to pay back in student loans. 

This creative gift ideas, will give everyone a fresh start. It's a new  beginning for unemployed people anywhere in the world).

Also think about those people who are  under-educated, (this technology is for them too, with amazing success, amazing income).

  •  unemployed teachers

  •  unemployed professors

  •  unemployed  engineer
  • unemployed doctor

  • unemployed executives
  • unemployed people who never worked
  • Too many to list unemployed people......(but you, have  great talent  and experience that you could utilize  to create a new life,(a creative gift idea) - then .....

eventually you could  go after what you were trained  to do initially.  No one is exempt from doing something new in life,(you never know where something new will take  you).

Life is very adventurous,and fun, (you never know for sure if your thoughts and ideas could make you millions), go for it!

The Secret of Success using This Creative Gift Ideas

This creative  gift idea demonstrate step by step how to achieve  incredible  success  on the internet. This is not like reading a manual, or some book for success.

This is   not just building a website either.  (I too am utilizing  this technology without knowing  HTML, or CSS. 

Once upon a time, many people (even myself),were not aware that we could make a honest living on  the Net with our (own knowledge, our ideas,our passion,  our gifts).

Until someone pointed us in the right  direction. Or we stumbled upon this new technology ourselves.(and decided to take a chance, as I did).

Online Creative Gift Ideas That Succeeded For All..

You don't even need to choose a niche  before you own this gift,(in fact,it's better not to have  one.

The Action Guide, will show you how to select a niche, (and everything else you need to do,to be successful). 

If you have a (Domain or website),just transfer the  ip address over, as I did.). Here are some of the awesome  stuff  that comes with this technology: 

  •  How to select Domain name
  •  Domain name registration

  •  Brainstorm It(key words research)

  •  Blogging

  • Traffic stat

  • Form builder

  • RSS feed
  • Web mail
  • Sitemaps
  • Content management
  • News letter management
  • Customize templates (if you wish to use this)
     or you can build your own.
  • Search engine optimization
  • Block builder BB2(faster,easy,fun,increase productivity)
  • Auto-responder
  •  Search It (market research)
  •  Analyze it
  • Content 2.0 (visitors adding comments)

You Can Make It With This Creative Gift Ideas..

Are you pressed for time to build your own creative gift idea project?Perhaps you're a(professional, a student, a business  owner, or anyone).

Who feels that you don't have the time  and patience to learn the strategies to build your  own (successful  passive income  or to make successful lifestyle changes, right now). You will be shown what you can do if you are in this position.

With your niche, you have what it takes- (fantastic knowledge, passion;you know something about something). You   know what others need). to make it. 

Awesome Creative Gift Ideas For Yourself and Everyone You Love

This creative gift idea is called-SOLO BUILD IT, or SBI! A gift that can actually change your life's direction.

Who Established SOLO BUILD IT or SBI? It was engineered by Ken Evoy, a 1997.

When he created and established  SBI,success on the internet escalated. Simple folks were becoming great success in making fantastic income.

Dr. Evoy also author several books that has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small  businesses succeed.  

Come and make some  magic  for yourself with Solo Build It!

Come and share your story with the world, and earn revenue from  your handwork.

To incredible gifts you need,

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