Amazing Gift of Photos-
Unexpected Moment in Time

When you observe these  amazing gift of photos. They tell a fabulous story of people of like-mindedness.  It shows that  human beings think alike, and enjoys life, and love the same way.

people sitting on grass together,images
people sitting in park together,photos

Not the pictures that people pose for, but the ones taken in a moment in time,unexpected,unprepared,(even nature speaks-preserve me in this time,looking  when you're blue). 

The best images are ones   that  are unplanned, (they tell life true story).When someone is about his/her own business, doing life.

People  performing a  activity,taking a time out  to enjoy  a moment, (just having fun),in simple natural setting and a image is captured,(that is awesome).

 Enjoy images that makes you think  about relationships, think about  family, think about your your friends,you appreciate life and living. 

 Images  pictures photo gifts are awesome,especially when you are able to preserve the pas. 

Every time you look around you, there is so much things happening and nothing ever remain the same.  You never get tired of seeing people participating in like minded behavior

Amazing Gift of Photos-People Lying on Grass Reading

woman lying in grass reading,images
woman lying on green grass reading,photo
student laying in grass reading,images
woman laying in grass reading,amazing photos

People are alike in a lot  of  ways, and it makes life interesting.  It's amazing when  you observe people doing the something somewhere else,(then you take images  photos and wow yourself),that is a gift.

People Sitting on Lawn Chair in Park-Amazing Gift of Photos

woman sitting in park, amazing gift of pictures
woman in hat sitting on bench,pictures photo
woman in hat sitting under tree,photos images

Chilling out with family , friends, or your special someone is awesome. Especially when you  work so hard during the week, and need somewhere to hang out and do nothing,(the park is one of the best place to do so), then images  photos a gift to remember.

Amazing Gift of Photos-Couples-Friends Sitting on Grass Together

mixed couple lying sitting on grass, images ,photos
african american couple sitting together,images
girls lying on grass together, images
couples laying on grass together,images
couples having a picnic in park,pictures
couple sitting on picnic blanket, images
people sitting on grass together,photos
people sitting together on grass,pictures-photos-images
couples on picnic blanket,pictures images
on lawn chair together in park,images pictures
two girls having picnic in park,pictures
couples laughing together on grass,images

Like-minded people sitting by a pond or doing something similar in different places is awesome,(this is a great  gift time to preserve ),in pictures photos..

Woman  Sitting on Bench Beside Pond-Amazing Gift of Photos

woman sitting by pond,pictures
woman sitting under tree,images

Amazing Photos-People Walking Sitting in Deep Thought

What is  your favorite image  is saying?   You may just discover how to tell a story that someone would love to hear.  What people do everyday in their behavior is a gift in images  photos   incredible pictures

woman sitting hand under chin,photo
woman sitting in mall hand under chin,photo
teen girls walking together,photos
young couple sitting face to face,images

 Amazing Pictures of Man Expression of Love

There is not enough time in the day to capture people everyday life in images pictures,(it's a gift).   As we walk,we paint a picture

As  we talk,we draw another image,real life photos without a canvas.  Enjoy great pictures about life, painted with a camera. 

I enjoyed  all the pictures, do you? How about sharing them, (one of those images, may be you,or a family member).

pregnant Muslim woman with husband,pictures
muslim arabic couple walking together,images
muslim man holding newbaby, pictures

Elegant Woman Talking on Cell Phone-Amazing Pictures

Images  photos a gift  shows that life  in its season  in time. Everyone of us make true pictures every day that is worth saving,(to remind us how awesome life is),and how great love can be,even when we are performing the smallest,insignificant (task of daily living).

woman in sweetheart gown, images picture

I had never gone  kayaking before, but I enjoy watching those who do, perhaps  (one day I will decide to do so), all because of  images pictures photos.

Images-Photos of Men kayaking Rafting on River

buddies kayaking down the river,photo
man kayaking in mystic, images
man getting ready for rafting,picture images
couple kayaking together on river,pictures
man windsurfing in long island sound,images pictures

I enjoyed  bicycling, however, I haven't done so since I had my dog.  He likes long walks  or to run around,( so it wouldn't be fair for him to be in a carrier on my bike).,while I'm  riding my bicycle,(he would miss all the  fun of running around sniffing at every tree on the path), the gift of images photos.

Pictures  Photos of Friends and Family Cycling

group of young people biking together, pictures
cycling woman resting by tree, photos
african american woman cyclist,photo

Images-Pictures-Photos of Birds Water Fowls Surfing on Beach

Images pictures photos of  any  species of birds, or animals  brings such joy as you  observe them,(if you watch them for a few minutes you will actually notice how at peace you become)

seagull3 surfing on river,images
Seagull2 fetching a meal on river, images
seagull1 surfing the waves long island,images
beautiful american robin on grass,photos

The sky  tells a story in its own own time.  It never looks the someway on any day. The sky is an amazing gift of nature. Life is beautiful with the sun...

Amazing Images-Pictures-Photos of The Setting Sun

the blinding sun, images photos
glimpse of the setting sun,images pictures
setting sun,images pictures
the beautiful setting sun, images photos
the setting sun, picutres photos
the blue sky and dirty beach of images
a cloudy day at the beach of pictures
the glorious clouds of the images pic
the beauty of the clouds picture in time

Images-Photos-Pictures of Local Traffic

Even the vehicles on the road tell a story, you will never see the same vehicles inline again with the same people,on the same day,at the same time.  How fascinating,(power of images pictures photos),for a moment in time.

bumper to bumper traffic hartford,photos
rush hour bumper to bumper,images
Different vehicle traveling america highway,pictures
cars on busy highway hartford,images

Best Gift to Give  Yourself and Others as You Capture Amazing Photos pictures images

We all were born with great gifts and talents.  Talent and gifts to build something or to do something. Remember that great idea that  you have been thinking about? Why not transform it into a platform  and share it with the world?

I utilized my thoughts, and ideas to create this website from scratch with  Solo Build It!. or SBI.This technology is a gift that  you can gift yourself

Solo build It, will show you how to take your thoughts,ideas,dreams;the experience you have.  The many vocations you have taken, (anything you can do well). And convert  them into a business where you can earn revenue for yourself.

  Incredible Gift you Need 

flowing mini stream with rock at the side,images
mini waterfall cascading down the rocks,pictures
mini flowing stream with rocks on banks,iphotos
green lush banks and a stream flowing,pictures
blue calm water the quiet beach front,pictures
calm water with the ducklings at the beach
solid rocks at the beach at west haven,images
broken down old boat on the beach,photos
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