The Gift of Dogs-
Brings Out The Best in You!

I discovered the gift of dogs in my  own life.  I've always been a dog lover. But I never personally owned a dog until 12 years ago.

I grew up with dogs in our household,(our dogs were protectors,watch dogs as they were called). But I cannot remember the  dog breed.They were more connected to dad,(his dogs).

my best gift-the gift of dogs

Most people could  never enter the house unannounced,because the dogs guarded very well.

They were large dogs of  variety of colors. I  like them, but from a   distant, (there   were no real connection).

I Became a Dedicated Dog Lover and Enjoy The Gift of Dogs 

Prior to owning my dog, I was lonely at times,(even though I was not alone). I   was   always residing in apartments where "no pets allowed" 

The thought of owing a dog was far back in my thoughts, (i always dismiss it).  So i was contended just to go places with friends and admire dogs from a distant. 

I enjoyed being with people. I enjoyed indulging  in friends ideas I love the feelings, the warmth  and joy  that good friendship brings. 

However,for myself, (a unique individual who loves to do the unusual things), unusual in people's eyes. I needed more  than just a friend.I needed to be engaged in mini adventure at the most unlikely time of day without feeling restriction.

Perhaps even engaged in adventure at night, (that most people  would not approve). A trusted  friend,(women), would shudder at the  thought of what  i might want to do next.

Having a dog in my life, however,helped me embrace life more joyfully),and I become a dedicated dog lover.

my dog climbing, dogs are a gift for man

I'm Thankful for The Gift of Dogs...

Having a dog works wonders for  me.  As you  have read,i take risk that no normal woman would do,(without company).  Another experience I enjoy--- I love to sit on a   beach watching the sunset for hours with no-one, (except my dog).

Watching   the  waves  without thinking about my problems.  Life can be   brutal at times and it's  great to get away from it all  (not feeling  alone,or rushed).

The gift of having a dog with me, is perfect companion  for such a awesome adventure, (without being reminded that it's getting late, or we should  go now).

My dog Chip, enjoys sitting quietly in my lap watching the waves with me,  Or doing anything I do),sometimes i get the  feeling that he hates to leave. Oh the gift of dogs

I have people in my life, but i was never quite lucky  to have them join me on my journey,(doing usual things in life, as they would say), 

But chip, enjoys the atmosphere  outdoor, regardless of were it takes me,(rain,snow,or a sunny day).  He is a 4 pounds Papillon,(but i orderly noticed his size. At least he doesn't act like a small dog). 

He is a champion in my eyes. He is bold and  very much aware of his surroundings. And  he  lets me know when there are  changes around me. He is very protective of me,the perfect gift of dogs. I love to travel with my dog.

The Gift of Dogs  can Help Bring Out The Best in You....

The gift of dogs is wonderful.  Regardless of the breed or the size of  dogs. Dogs can make a better person out of you, (if you are willing).. 

I have a tendency to be  serious in my countenance at times.  And i became more aware of it, from Chip's behavior.

Chip had a way of looking at me,when he didn't like my facial expression at the moment.  He showed his disapproval by not looking straight at me,(he would quickly glance at me,then look to the side of me, and quickly glance at me back and forth,but not looking directly at me). 

When i realize what was causing this behavior, i began to fix my expression,(Chip helped me fixed my face to be more pleasant).   The pleasant gift of dogs.

my papillon playing,in the park

The Gift of Dogs-I Thought I Could  Never Be Friendly with Strangers

I never reached  out to strangers before Chip.  But Chip had helped me to  reach out to the most unlikely people in my life. 

I have met hundreds of people of different class and back ground(male and female),whom i have  ended up having great conversation with, (not just talking about dogs.

My dog is a  gift to myself,but also to others who are reserve to make contact with other human beings.

Chip breaks the ice. Chip seem to know when a human being needed comfort, (even if the human being is a stranger).  I can never quite get it , (but there are times when my dog literally pulled away from some people).

And eagerly  push forward to meet others.  he seemed to give them joy, a kiss to say "I understand" you will be alright.

How I started My Journey To The Gift Of Dogs-A  Dog That was Right for Me

Chip came into my life 12 years ago, even when i was living in an apartment  where "no pets allowed" but i decided to break the rules because  i couldn't  stand being lonely anymore.

I desperately wanted the attention and the companionship of a non-human friend who wouldn't rush me).  I would  take long walks in the parks by myself, since (everyone were busy with their own lives). 

I wanted a buddy who wouldn't complaint that i was sitting at a same spot too long, (or i was looking at the same plant again).  I wanted a buddy who wouldn't mind me staring at the bunny running across the grass. The squirrels chasing each other up the trees. Or me stopping and looking  at any animals in my path that i may meet in the woods).

So i  started my quest to search for a dog for my mental and physical health.

When I was searching for a dog, I visited  shelters in and out of my state. I contacted shelters and  breeders online.  I read  many books about different breed of dogs.

Then finally,i decided on the personality and the type of dog most fitting to my personality,and my lifestyle.

A Papillon was a    great match for me).  I  decided on a breeder  in Pennsylvania,(at least the breeder decided on me). I made a down payment  even before Chip's mom was impregnated. 

Six weeks after Chip was born. I took him home,and  i was truly his mother.He would walk behind me wherever i go like little ducklings attached). 

i was never really lonely,i spent countless hours training him. Then  I enrolled  him in classes to further increase  learning, or to learn new ones. 

Chip stayed  close to me at all times.   If i am lying on the bed,he would   cuddle up close to me. He  wanted to sit behind my back whenever I am sitting at my desk. The amazing gift of  dogs.

The Proven Gift of Dogs...

When I got Chip at 6 weeks, (he was  literally a handful. i didn't want to leave him at day a care when I go to work.  Plus he was so delicate, and small. He could literally fit into my jacket pocket. 

I took him whenever i   went,(i was a little naïve them).   At work, my patients loved him, and played with him,(but whenever he misses me, he would whine, (cry like a baby),in which case, they would bring him into the office. And i would apologize all day

But having Chip,was awesome .Everyone wanted to take him home,or care for him for me,(but i wouldn't allowed that). 

As Chip grew older, i started taking him to day care,(and i was lucky for the one that i selected,because the owner allowed  me access  to pick him up anytime day or night,(even when the day care is closed).I'm happy for the gift of dogs.

my dog in pet handbag,dogs are gift

Freda: I Lost My Job Because of My Dog ...

My dog was now 12 years old, and I often took him to work with me .  He is potty trained, (and would poop  only after my shift  was over, (what a awesome dog he is). 

One day however, someone reported his presence at work,  and he was banned from  ever going to work with me again. 

Then on this particular day beyond my control, I broke the rules and took him to work with me for the day. I was late to bring him to Day Care,and I couldn't leave alone at home). 

Because I disobeyed the rules. I was given a chance to resign, or be   fired, (but before i actually had the opportunity  to apologize, I was informed "sorry, you are fired!"  

Wow, i was  fired because of my dog,(the gift of dogs).

chip my papillon dog, dog is a gift

My dog had never prevented me from performing my duty in  any shape or form professionally,(because i temporarily forget that  my dog was was at work.

While performing my job requirements (my dog was always extremely quiet). Each time that  i checked on him, he was always sleeping. 

He is a long sleeper). And no one even noticed that a dog was in my large fancy bag under the desk,(unless someone attempted to open the bag).

There were multiple air vents that were turned closes to the wall,(so that no would noticed that the bag in fact was doggy carrying bag.

But someone hated to know that I had such a well trained, and well behaved dog that I could travel with anywhere.,(so they reported him),after many years of taking him to work.. Oh the gift of dogs...

Enjoy a Adventure With The Gift of Dogs and Gift Yourself a Fascinating Gift

An incredible gift to gift yourself as you journey with you dog(s). I gift  myself and created this website. You can write about your life or whatever is on your mind, 

This gift Solo Build ItFind your passion and earn a living at the same time.

 To My Amazing Gift.

The Gift of Dogs-Dogs are Man's Best Friend,All Over The World

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man with his dog,dog a gift
man sitting on bench with dog,dog mans friend
couples walking a dog,dogs gift
man walking his dog,dogs mans gift
woman with dog,the gift of dogs
woman alone with dog, dogs are gift