Fascinating The Gift Of Pictures- 
Captures a Moment in Time!

The gift of pictures is incredible, pictures tell a story of real life. You capture a  moment in time of people,places(people doing something, or going someplace).  

Couples Posing for Prom Photos, together,incredible gifts of pictures

Capturing  the image (of a unique looking individual is delightful), perhaps the  picture of a elegant woman, or a distinguished man. 

It's also amazing to capture people in uncommon situation, such as these elegant couples posing for prom photos.

couple dressed in red prom outfit

Elegant Woman With Her Dog--Amazing Photo

 I love elegance and beauty. Here is this beautiful black woman in Manhattan in a long flowing fur coat and hat. She was delightful ,approachable and friendly.People stopped to pet her dog.

elegant woman with her dog,gift of pictures

Gift Pictures  Images Portrait in Time

As i shop in the Mall, i noticed all types of goodies to capture in  a moment in time . 

Here I observe all types of individual in their own world doing simple  things that I may  never see the  same individual  doing  again, (a picture in time),such as these  folks on the elevator.

men going down elevator,picture images
woman going down elevator,images

The Gift of Pictures In Love and Relationships

I love  to capture  images,pictures  of love and relationships,  (with people of any nationality). You're never know for sure if you will ever see these same  people (doing the same thing again).

How often have I seen a man walking down the  the street with his love, (but  I dismiss it)`.  A picture  is a gift that when taken,  captures the image  that will last a lifetime. 

I may shoot a  picture of a man showing tenderness in a relationship, and a woman responding (even in open public, that is adorable).

Couples   holding hands walking. Doing something  together  is wonderful. I love to capture couples who look alike,dress alike.

dressed alike couple crossing street,hartford-pictures
couple in blue walking together,photos-pictures
man on bench holding woman,images picture
romantic couple sitting on bench,photo images
couple sitting on bench,on boardwalk-images
scantly clad couple jogging, amazing photos
couple playing on lawn,in park-pictures
young couple walking hand in hand,amazing picture
loving couple walking together on boardwalk, images
Asian couple walking on pier together,photos,images
young Asian couple walking on beach,images- pictures
romantic older couple together,photos-pictures
couple strolling hand in hand,pictures images
beautiful biracial couple with child,images
hugging together couple walking in park,images
couple strolling in park together,pictures
young interracial couple sitting on grass,images
couples strolling in park,pictures

The Gift of Pictures When Dad is Gracious and Helpful is Cool

Have you ever seen a man with his child or children?  Maybe he holding a child,(or pushing a stroller). That's a great gift of picture that should be captured in a moment in time. 

These men are rare, and should be loved and praised daily.  These men are  a gift to a lucky woman.   Here are men pushing strollers., (and assisting with their kids).

father pushing stroller in park, photos,pictures
Man pushing stroller in garden,images
dad wiping child face,picture-images
father pushing stroller with mother,images
man pushing stroller on boardwalk,pictures
jewish father pushing stroller,child walking-images,pictures
dad walking with toddlers on beach,pictures
muslim man walking with child in hand,pictures a gift
man with child in stroller,images

Images Pictures Captures Children Having Fun

As you focus your attention on life, there is so much to see and do. Some of the object you observed in your path,you may never see the same way again. People living in quit,unwinding, or having fun. 

Pictures  images of children having fun is remarkable,(the person who captures   the happy  moment is awesome). 

mother sitting on bench with children,images
children trumling in park,images
toddlers riding tricycle on boardwalk,photos

Pictures of Family and Friends Sitting Together

The gift of friendship is a awesome thing. Capturing people who care about each other is beautiful. 

People going about life and finding the time to relax and be with family is adorable.. It's beautiful to be  friends  (or even share a moment alone  in solitude is refreshing ,(when you capture a moment in time).

couple with bicycle sitting on bench,images
people sitting on rock together,images
friendship together sitting in park,images
teen sitting between man and woman,images
mother and son in christmas play together,picture

Gift of Pictures- Sitting on Bench Talking or in Your Own World

The gift of togetherness is a awesome thing, capturing people who are communicating with about each other is magnificent.  Just a moment to relax and let the world go by.

friends sitting together on bench talking,pictures
friends on bench together,images-photos
friends sitting in park talking,photos
friends in restaurant eating,photos

Gifts of Pictures-People Walking and Sitting on Boardwalk

Walking on the boardwalk is a awesome treat to the people of West Haven, (it's an incredible  gift for that town), and its  surrounding neighbors, (walking for health).

You  (will always find people walking on the boardwalk), any day or  night up to 10pm.  This neighborhood  must be  the healthiest  town in  the state of  Connecticut..

Enjoy the gift of pictures in the moment of time, you may  just see yourself  walking along with crowd of people on the boardwalk.

people walking on boardwalk,west hartford,pictures
family and friends walking boardwalk,images
lovers walking on boardwalk,images
people sitting standing on boardwalk,photos
all culture on the boardwalk,photos
teen boys sitting on beach,images
people on the pier,west haven-images
people sitting on bench on boardwalk,images
man with dog walking boardwalk,ct-photo

Gifts of Pictures Captures People in a Park..

The park is where people go to unwind, relax in a atmosphere of peace,(and enjoy a picnic), with that  special someone, family, friends or by yourself.

No matter how beautiful or how gorgeous a person's home maybe, (going to a beautiful,safe park is wonderful,(such as Elizabeth Park, in West Hartford,Ct. is a  fantastic  thing to do).  

Anyone can sit,stand, or lay in the grass and allow the  imagination to dream  the best dream in quite serenity,(and if in noisy surroundings with children playing). Anyone can  disperse  and be free to find peace and quiet,(and create their own space,world,(or join in  the fun with others). 

In a park you can capture the gift of pictures in a  moment in time,(someone,or something  you may never see again. You never know what you will see.

man sitting on bench head down,better pictures
woman sitting alone in park,in deep thought picture
man sitting cross legged in park,images
young woman sitting on bench texting,images
picnic in the park,elizabeth park,pictures
man with baby picnic in park,amazing picture
teen at concert in park,gift picture
people at concert in park,images
free family fun concert1 elizabeth park,pictures
people enjoying concert in park,images
crowd of people sitting on grass in park,pictures
day of fun concert at elizabeth park,pictures
police officer on horseback,elizabeth park-pictures

The Gift of Pictures- Hartford Downtown Connecticut

As I visited the capital of Connecticut,(have you been there?), I observed  elegant buildings, nice clean quite streets, then I think, (maybe I could capture), some of the pleasant surroundings of downtown. 

Then I thought, I do not know all the buildings (so I am going to let all the visitors decide if they know the place?).

Observing (pictures of anything  and utilizing your imagination to guess what the image is saying, or if you have been to that place,or spot before can be fun).

 It's like an artist painting  a portrait of something or someone and the  observers attempting to guess what the  painting all about.

downtown streets and business,Hartford-pictures,images
Hartford Business streets,images pictures
Downtown Hartford,pictures images
historic building Hartford,images-photos
magnificent Architectural building Hartford,images,pictures
Hilton hotel downtown,Hartford-pictures,photos
apartment business downtown Hartford,amazing pictures
offices apartment downtown,Hartford-fantastic pictures

More of Downtown,Hartford, Character-Gift Pictures

A City with  its  unique architectural buildings is a fine place  to capture the old and the new,

Sometimes  one may walk on a particular street  but may not truly observe  the outstanding architectural  building with character, (unless one is a tourist, who may  stop to capture a historic masterpiece. 

Here you find a city with its old and new.  

Hartford buildings downtown,great pictures
Trumbull kitchen outdoors,great pictures images
people walking on sidewalk,Hartford-images,photos
man walking and texting downtown,Hartford,images
manicured sidewalk downtown,Hartford,images,pic
well kept manicured sidewalk,downtown, images
Landscape sidewalk,downtown Hartford,ct-images
Quaint street downtown,incredible gift pictures

Gift of Pictures Captures Amazing Fireworks Display

Capturing images of  unusual things is  fantastic.   Here  are amazing fireworks display in West Haven,CT. Which everyone enjoyed immensely.

star beans shaped fireworks,images photos
shooting start fireworks,photo-images
cherry fireworks picture,image-photo
pink mushroom fireworks,picture-images

The Most Magnificent Gift You Will Ever Own from The Gift of Pictures

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You may not believe that you have a gift within you, or  a talent that can change your life for forever,(but you do).

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The technology that will enable you to actualize this dream and great desire is SOLO BUILD IT, OR SBI!.  I have utilize this system to create this website from my experience,dreams and desire.

Surprise yourself!

To Amazing Gift of Photos

white pink arch roses,elizabeth park,ct,photo images
rose garden roses,elizabeth park,ct images pictures
the rose garden elizabeth park,ct,images pictures
bench in the rose garden, elizabeth park-pictures,images
pink climbing rose,elizabeth park-photos,images
white arch roses,Elizabeth park,images
relaxing rose garden,Elizabeth park,images
roses rose garden,Elizabeth park,photo
beautiful rose garden Elizabeth park,ct
a day of reflection in the garden,images
pink arch roses Elizabeth park,ct-pictures