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Hello  all, about me.

I'm Paulette a Registered Nurse by profession. I created  Bestdealbargainstore,a multifaceted Better Way of Living online Innovative website.

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I decided during my nursing career  that I would eventually switch focus from my profession,(to a totally unrelated area of interest  especially to secure my retirement.

I had gained  tremendous knowledge and insight in different areas of life through the years. So i decided that I could combine my nursing knowledge with other experience to build a successful business.

I was even more motivated, when I considered the stress that some of my older colleagues encountered as they age in their nursing career,(I envision whether I would truly  be happy),in my later years.  Then I decided that I should indeed change  my career path to a area less stressful.

I realize also that i had specialized in an area of nursing that requires much love and commitment. But I was becoming  burnout, and unhappy in my job too. I also observed that quite a few of my nursing colleagues in this particular speciality were exhibiting unhappiness.

They were making their patients and clients happy.(but they themselves were (angry,crabby,irritable,burnout),and displayed a miserable unhappy attitude. However, they must continue working  for insurance purposes,(to maintain a family or for retirement).

Because of this,I began attending different seminars and workshops regularly in different areas to gain more knowledge for  future endeavors.

Eventually, I  started exploring  different niche that (I  feel  I could love and have a passion for). I build a website called bestdealbargainstore.com, that caters  to quality inexpensive products. But i had zero knowledge of the internet then.

Later on, I stumbled upon SBI!, and commence on a  different route to my journey. I also started to gather all my travel images and convert them into web pages  for viewing pleasure,inspiration and for gift ideas.

While building this website, I observed  where a simple thoughtful giving of  a gift has enhance, even improve someone's  way of life.   So i decided that i would  combine all my thoughts, ideas,and  experience to create a different type of innovative multifaceted website,(based on gift choosing,giving, and ideas).

Bestdealbargainstore.com URL is a second time around revitalize domain name that I created  initially, and decided to utilize it again for this new venture.  

About Me- Best Gift Offer To The World

Things and  Time  HAPPEN to  US ALL!  No-one know for sure what will happen in life, or where (our journey may end up).

My desire is to be successful. This new venture is  like  entering a contest , and won "first place". It's like being selected as the  "America's  next top model" or being chosen as an "American Idol".what I feel could happen...about me.

Life and dreams are a adventure,(you choose the path you wish your feet to take). And you never know what will happen, or who you will meet on your path. A form of creative writing, may just change my destiny.

I was able to create this website with a gift that I gave myself SBI! It's an incredible gift that enable me to write about me.. things of interest to me. Gift yourself this gift, and watch your own thoughts and ideas come to life. 

Solo Build It!

Why not climb this mountain or cross this valleys with me. We may just have some fun, and enjoy some  incredible  never ending success.  Check out this website, and share  what's on your mind. 

Best regards,

Thanks for visiting. Come again!

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