Newborn Baby Gift Ideas-
For your Bundle of Joy

Newborn baby gift ideas for your little tike in making.  I love babies. Sometimes I get the feeling that some mom wish that their baby would  stay babies forever(at the same time,some parents can't wait for the baby to grow up.

father with newborn baby in stroller,newborn baby gifts

Bringing  a newborn  baby into the world is one of the most awesome gift from God. 

Everyone who cares, should show mom  that she is  loved. When a woman is pregnant with child, she's blessed. More so, in that  she is carrying a child into the world,(that many childless couples longs for).

Having a baby should be the happiest time  in a woman's life,especially since  she is not just encountering changes in her  physical body.

But her mind is vulnerable, (with unpredictable thoughts). Newborn baby gift ideas and personal gifts for her, will  uplift her spirit.

Dad is Part of The Conception Too

As you know,conception doesn't happen because a woman wish it to be, (a man has his role to play  in the process - Yes, we are aware, that a woman can produce ,"a  baby" without the physical presence of a man).

But regardless,she still need the "gift of his sperm,"  Thus,having  two union DNA intertwine  together to form a newborn baby is a wonderful gift and is indeed lovely.

Isn't it amazing when beautiful baby comes into this world kicking and screaming? (a new gift is born to begin a new life ,wow!

  • I feel that  every family, friends, or close associate should embrace mom with newborn baby gift ideas, and gifts even if they cannot,(all attend a baby shower).
  • It doesn't matter if the woman is married, single, mature, or an unfortunate young girl. The fact is, her body has taken on a new role as a mother. She may have to grow up faster, but she needs you..
  • Give  mom a physical gift for herself too.
  •  And give Dad a little something,something to encourage him. He might be feeling  a little overwhelmed at this time.
mom holding baby in garden,gifts newborn

Choosing The Perfect- Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Sometimes it can be frustrating  for some when attempting to choose the perfect baby gifts.

 It's not so much the issue of budget,  Rather,it's just that when it comes to a newborn baby, (most people are confused and not quite sure what gifts to get).  

Some folks may walk into a department store and is overwhelmed  of the choices for gifts,and uncertain of where to start, So eventually they may walk away not purchasing anything.  Others may  purchase gifts that are not for a newborn,(but rather for a toddler, and beyond).

Therefore,mom will have (enormous amount of items that  she cannot utilize now), for baby. She may not be able to utilize  the gifts until the next  year or so).

Newborn baby gift ideas should be practical.

The gifts should be something that the mom can utilize now. 

A mom should be able to open one of those gift packages and use the tem for baby right away,(although you may need to wash it first).

Giving gifts: If a handful  of  people give  bibs, or aprons, that's practical, (mom will need those bibs right  though the year), all through growing up.

I don't think that people should be concern that other people maybe giving the same gift, (that's very unlikely). But it's a wise idea for a pregnant woman, to register at several baby gift registry if she can).

Not all women register,however,anyone, anywhere should be able to send any newborn baby gift ideas without checking a registry.

Type of Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

There are enormous types of gifts to select from,but how nice to be creative and select gifts that's is useful to you and baby now.

  • Infant gown hat set
  • Newborn baby bassinet
  • Receiving blanket
  • Pacifiers, towels, wash cloth, 
  • comb, brush set
  • Sling to carry baby
  • Diaper cake
  • Newborn baby blanket
  • Plush rattlers
  • Colorful aprons/bibs
  • Breast pump for mom,(breast  pads too)
  • Baby seat when traveling with baby
  • Baby bath
  • Bath blankets
  • Chafing creams/rash creams
  • Baby booties
  • Body suits
  • Baby Jumpsuits
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper bags
  • Running/jogging strollers (for mom/dad to keep in good health)
  • Picture frames for hanging, standing baby pictures
  • Bottle warmer
  • Crib Bedding
  • Newborn baby toys

You're attempting to select the best baby gift. But have ever thought about how people of the world treat newborn. Traditions to welcome newborn.

Gift To Give Yourself While at Home With Baby..

You have received some fantastic newborn baby gifts. You're enjoying baby. Now it's time to gift yourself something special, that can generate revenue

Surprise yourself,with your passion and ideas. Share your thoughts  with the world. I gift myself this gift and share my thoughts with you.. See  SBI.

Solo Build It!
     Newborn Baby Room
  • First of all, the nursery room should  have a warm color for the wall, that goes along with the theme that you  selected,especially if you know the gender of the baby
  • Have a colorful wall art, which is part of the theme.
  • crib or Bassinet or both. It should have a warm color that matches, or blended well with the theme.
  • A easy chair for mom, for feeding,  and relaxing with baby, depending on the size of the room. 
  • If space is limited, you may have to utilize another area of the house for feeding/burping, and relaxing with baby.
  • Lighting that is neither too bright or too dull. It should fit well with the ambiance of the room.
  • A closet, drawer, or storage area where items for the baby are arranged for easy access.
  • Rattlers and play toy hanging around, that gives the impression that baby is around, or about to take up residence here.
  • Storage Basket-a needed newborn baby gifts.