Pictures Tell A Story-
Captures Special Moments 

Pictures tell a story of real life. You capture a  moment in time of people.places. People doing something or going somewhere. 

couples posing for prom photos,love display pictures
elegant woman with her dog, love pictures
couple dressed in red prom outfit, love display

Elegance and beauty is amazing. Here is this beautiful black woman in Manhattan in a long flowing fur coat and hat. She was delightful ,approachable and friendly.People stopped to pet her dog.

Capturing  the image (of a unique looking individual is delightful), perhaps the  picture of a elegant woman, or a distinguished man. 

It's also amazing to capture people in uncommon situation, such as these elegant couples posing for prom photos.

Pictures Tell A Story- In Relationships

I love  to capture pictures  of love and relationships,  (with people of any nationality). You're never know for sure if you will ever see these same  people (doing the same thing again).

How often have I seen a man walking down the  the street with his love, (but  I dismiss it)`.  A picture  is a gift that when taken,  captures the image  that will last a lifetime. 

I may shoot a  picture of a man showing tenderness in a relationship, and a woman responding (even in open public, that is adorable). Pictures tell a story indeed.

Couples   holding hands walking. Doing something  together  is wonderful. I love to capture couples who look alike,dress alike.

dressed alike couple crossing street,display pictures
couples in blue walking together,images
loving older couple sitting together,love display
man on bench holding woman,love display
couple riding scooter together,love pictures
couples strolling in part,love images photos
young couple walking hand in hand,love display
loving couple walking together,love display images

While you are out with your special someone. Why not consider how you could make that special individual or yourself,even happier. Give an self esteem uplifting,revenue generating gift.

A gift that releases dormant passion, and allow one to share life, experience, born-gift and talent with the world. This special gift is SBI! or Solo Build It! Perhaps pictures tell a story, maybe one of your team.

SBI Video Tour!
asian couple walking on pier together,love display
young asian couple walking on beach,pictures
young interracial couple sitting on grass,love display
couple strolling hand in hand,love pictures display
beautiful interracial couple with child,love image
couple strolling in park together,pictures love
scantly clad couple jogging,love pictures
hugging together couple talking, display love
couple laughing together,display of love

Dad's Gracious and Helpful-Pictures Tell A Story

Observing a man supporting or taking care of a child or children is beautiful.  Maybe he holding a child,(or pushing a stroller). Pictures tell a story that should be captured for remembrance.

These men are rare, and should be loved and praised daily.  These men are  a gift to  some lucky woman.Daughters especially need their dad.  Here are men(assisting with their kids).

father pushing stroller in park,love is display
man pushing stroller in park,love images
man pushing stroller on boardwalk,love display pic
dad wiping child face, love display in pictures
father pushing stroller with mother,love displays
jewish father pushing stroller,display love picture
dad walking with toddlers on beach,love displays
muslim man holding new baby,display of love
man with child in stroller,images pictures

Family-Friends Together-Pictures Tell a Story..

The gift of friendship is a awesome thing. Capturing people who care about each other is beautiful. 

People going about life and finding the time to relax and be with each other is adorable.. It's beautiful to be  friends  (or even share a moment alone  in solitude is refreshing ,(when pictures tell a story).

couple with bicycle sitting on bench,display of love
friends sitting on grass together,display of love pic
couple sitting on rock together,love pic
two women having picnic together,love pic
woman jogging with baby in stroller,love display
mother and son posing for picture,love display

Sitting on Bench Talking Decreases Loneliness

Togetherness is a awesome thing. Capturing people who are communicating with each other is magnificent.  Just a moment to relax and let the world go by.

friends on bench together,display of love
friends sitting on bench talking,love pic
friends sitting in park talking,display pic
friends in restaurant eating,love pics

West Haven Boardwalk- Love and Leisure

Walking on the boardwalk is a awesome treat to the people of West Haven, (it's an incredible  healthy walking  gift for that town), and its  surrounding neighbors,.

You  (will always find people walking on the boardwalk), any day or  night up to 10pm.  This neighborhood  must be  the healthiest  town in  the state of  Connecticut, when pictures tell a story.

Images of a moment in time. You  may  just see yourself  walking along with crowd of people on the boardwalk.

people walking on boardwalk,love display of pictures
family friends walking on boardwalk,love pics
lovers walking on boardwalk,pictures love
all culture on the boardwalk,love picture
teen boys sitting on beach,pictures love
man with dog walking boardwalk, loves pics

-A Day in The Life of Elizabeth  Park- When Pictures Tell a Story

The park is where people go to unwind, relax in a atmosphere of peace,(and enjoy a picnic), with that  special someone, family, friends or by oneself.

No matter how beautiful or how gorgeous a person's home maybe, (going to a beautiful,safe park is wonderful,(such as Elizabeth Park, in West Hartford,Ct. is a  fantastic  thing to do).  

Anyone can sit,stand, or lay in the grass and allow the  imagination to dream  the best dream in quite serenity,(and if in noisy surroundings with children playing). Then  disperse  and be free to find peace and quiet, in your own little area.

In a park pictures tell a story,(lovers or families enjoying themselves),you never know what you will see. Parks may even make you a better person.

man sitting on bench head down,loves displays pictures
woman sitting alone in park,love pictures display
woman sitting on bench texting,love pics
man sitting cross legged,pictures display
picnic in park, pictures love display
man with baby picnic in park,picturess
teens at concert in park,display of love
elizabeth park concerts,love pics
concert in elizabeth park,love displays
family concerts in park,display love
concerts in park,display of love with family
mounted police at concerts elizabeth park,love pics
people sitting in park together,love pictures
group of people sitting together,love displays
people sitting together,displays love

Love,caring,sharing,  should happen  anywhere people are. Forgiving,smiling,laughing,communicating makes life more enjoyable and stress free.

people walking on sidewalk,htfd,ct,love
people walking together,chicago, love pics
Trumbull kitchen outdoors,love and display pics

Life can be wonderful, when you choose to utilize the simple things to make you happy. Anything that you do can create an atmosphere of love.and pictures tell a story to share with family and friends.

Photos photo images

pink white arch roses, display love
arch white roses elizabeth park,love displays
arch pink roses elizabeth park,pictures
pink climbing roses, display pics
elizabeth park rose garden, love
elizabeth park garden,display love
elizabeth park pink roses,pics
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relaxing garden, for love
a day of reflection in the garden,love