Creative Toys for Toddlers-
 Your Lovely Child

Creative Toys for Toddlers, your adorable little tike. Fabulous  toys  for self  expression.  Sit back and watch as each child build his own  little character as he express himself through playing.

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  1. So who is this little tike who rules your household?
  2. Is he/she your lovely child whose favorite word is "No?"

The crazy things toddlers do, they often demand their own Independence,even though they are unable to manipulate them-self securely alone in your home.

You have to constantly run after your toddler.  And whether or not your toddler can do what they insist on doing. Still they want to do it themselves anyway.

They are" God's precious gift to you". Enjoy them,as you observe their own little personality bursting out in full glow....creative toys for toddlers

You're Raising  a Model of  Yourself

Some toddlers are like little warriors,or little tyrants,they will scream down a crowd on you. Stamping and hallowing so hard,everyone will indeed assume you're abusing them,or that you cannot rule from your own throne. 

But this dear little one is your lovely pride and joy,and truly a gift from heaven.  Some toddlers are so sweet and so well adjusted, that you would think you actually birth an angel. 

Regardless of their personality type,the lovely gift you birth was constructed from your very own DNA. 

Observe your own self closely, in every aspect,and see if you don't see some of you in him/ her. So be very gentle with the lovely gift you got,you are actually raising a part of yourself.

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    Toddlers Who are They?
  • A toddler is the time when children are taught the appropriate
  • It's a time when you must be consistent,regardless of his temper,
    or whether he will constantly say "No" when you insist he does it.
  • Whatever you train that child to be or do at that time will stick
    with him or her for life. 
  • Your little gift will be well adjusted for life, or will be maladjusted,damage gift that is a tyrant at school,or wherever,and no one will want to be around him or her.Family education for toddlers.

Toddlers Need Hugs and Kisses

After disciplining a toddler, (let your little prince or princess know that it's the behavior that you dislike), and not him/her.

Do not yell or scream at your toddler. You're creating a future model that will be in-forced for generation to come, (protect your gift), and provide some toddlers gift ideas to pacific fears.  

It's you who's the ruler of the kingdom, and you must let  it be known by your firm discipline, tenderness and love that you want your baby to obey.   

Fun and Practical Creative Toys for Toddlers

  • Stacking Toys
  • Electronic toys
  • Shape sorter
  • Bath toys
  • Color play drums
  • Sorting cubes
  • Classic Toy Bead Maze
  • Shape sorting cock
  • Ride Puppy
  • Busy box toddler activity 
  • Baby wagon
  • Busy box toddler activity toy
  • Musical play toy
  • Musical Pony
  •  Animal train disc learning toys
  • Pop up dinosaurs toddler activity toy
  • Fluffy play toys
  • Windup musical toy
  • Rocking horse

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Home with Toddler? Revenue Generating Gift for Stay at Home Mom and Dad

So you are a stay at home mom or dad? Bravo! to you. Your little one will enjoy you immensely,(what a great attachment). During your quite time, sit with a tall cup of your favorite beverage, and enjoy building revenue for your future.

Choose this gift for yourself. I choose this gift, and created this site..and you are reading this page.- Solo Build It!

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Creative Toys for Toddlers - Enjoyed in Toddlers Room

It's such a wonderful,delightful thing when you walk into a toddlers room and see and feel the love,and the joy that was put into its decoration,(while he plays around with his/her toys).

it's especially nice when the room has a theme. So make your toddler''s room one of the best in your house..  

  • Toddler  unique Bed
  • Toddler Lounge Seating
  • Personalized blanket
  • Hug buddy
  • Personalized basket with fluffy stuff toys
  • Gift basket with blue goodies for boys
  • Gift basket with pink goodies for girls
  • Pink fluffy blanket for a girl
  • Blue fluffy blanket for a boy
  • Decorative wall hook

Creative toys for toddlers is a joy for toddlers to play with all around the house., to enhance developmental growth.