Incredible Cruise Gift Ideas- For
Pleasure and Relaxation

You would love an incredible Cruise Gift wouldn't you? When you are stressed out , and need to have some fun and relaxation.and

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And when you want to enjoy your life with your special someone,  with your friends, or even by yourself cruise is the way to go.

So lately you  have been thinking of  going on a cruise . Then you're contemplating whether or not you have the time and funds . 

A cruise is not as expensive as you may think,(considering it's a whole package), you don't have to pay for hotel stay, or even your meals.  And you are doing  something to rejuvenate yourself, it worth the effort.

Local Cruise Gift For Romantic Dinner-And an Amazing Experience

If you don't wish to travel very far away, choose the local cruises which is available in almost every major city,.

New York, Boston,  Chicago cruise. With a local  cruise you will have fun, either on a breakfast,lunch or a spectacular dinner cruise.

Some cities have special event cruise where you can enjoy a night or a day out with your special someone. You will be tremendously surprise of how much fun you could have cruising around on a romantic cruise.

With a Cruise Gift -Cruise Around the World to Exotic Locations

If you are the wealthy individual, you can make  a cruise ship your permanent home. It's your choice to choose where you want to go, where you want to explore,or where you want to live.

even make new friends.  Enjoy a romantic vacation cruise with your significant other, or even meet  your life partner. 

A Cruise does bring  joy  and pleasure to your life. It's a awesome gift  if you have the  choice  to make a cruise ship your permanent home.Or if you just chose a cruse for a vacation runaway.

If you are a single person,you may want to choose the cruise gift that caters to a  carefree lifestyle,(then Norwegian cruise may be right for you.

.IF YOU WANT to feel like a kid again, (full of laughter and fun,) and you do not mind bumping into kids every  now and,(then the Disney cruise line),might be just  right for you. 

Be Ready To Transform Your Life With This New Cruise Gift Adventure

 You do not have to worry about anything other than where to board your cruise...

  • With  a cruise gift adventure, you don't have to worry about
    transportation, unless you wish to leave the ship at various Port of call.
  • You do not have to worry  about which hotel to stay in or what restaurant
    to dine in, even where to do your shopping.

Your cruise gift comes with all the trimmings, (except  that you may have to pay for alcohol) with most cruise line.

So if you have never traveled on a cruise before, you're indeed missing out. And depending on the giver of your cruise gift.

One of the enticement for freedom and luxury is the cabin situation which may require planning, it all depends on your desire for a suite, or a small Cabin for your pleasure.

dinner cruise Chicago, local dinner cruise gift idea

Amazing Cruise-Things to Do on Your Cruise

Whatever the  cruise line you book your cruise on, you don't have to worry about boredom in any shape or form.

You probably wont even  have the time and  energy to participate in all the activities that are available on board. Just to list a few: luxury living/dining

  • Spa Treatment
  • Casino Lesson
  • Cabaret shows(more like Broadway style shows)
  • Dance classes
  • Bridge
  • Shopping
  • Health Clubs
  • Wine tasting
  • Golf chipping
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Ping pong
  • Fashions
  • Pool side theater
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Comedy
  • Dancing

The fun you will have meeting other people is incredible,that's what cruise is all about. But you will still  have  some time  to visit exotic locations  off the ship.

Refresh Yourself With Pampering On Your Cruise

You may want to enjoy a day of pampering for yourself, (or with your special someone).

A soothing spa treatment will calm your frayed nerve,and relax your body.  You will feel more stress free, to enjoy more of what your cruise has prepared for you.

And you will be ready for a new chapter in your life, when you leave the ship. Enjoy your life..

Be Cautious on Any Ordinary or Spectacular  Cruise 

Just because you were given this cruise gift of your life, and the atmosphere of the ship is warm and glamorous. 

Just because the service on the ship is good and you have never been in such a elegant, luxury surroundings before. And you're at awe with everything; that doesn't mean that you should let your guard down. 

Unfortunately! it's noted that Women are raped every year on the best cruise line,  but most fail to report it officially or otherwise.

My support to Women especially is- take special precaution when on a cruise, when alone or even when traveling with companion  but are around somewhere.

local cruise gift for your special love

Women Shouldn't go Wondering Around on a Cruise Ship Aimlessly..

A lady should pay attention to her surroundings even when on a cruise,(and do not be naïve,  let her guard down), 

with any male  on a ship,(just because the male maybe nice, a staff member, seem respectable, and he is  on a cruise just like her).  Women  should also be cautious with crew members. 

Avoid going  into any crew members or passengers cabin/ chambers, and avoid going into any unusual places on the ship when you are alone. 

It's OK to accept a gift and travel alone, but be careful,(you wouldn't invite a stranger to your hotel room or go to his). Have fun, but be cautious, and  fallow your instinct.

Carefree Incredible Cruise Gift Ideas

Those who have traveled on other cruise line, know what the formality is.

On most cruise, everything is arranged, seat selections, dinning, and even  when to appear in formal attire. And a formal night is set for dancing, or the captain's night. 

When you traveled on the Norwegian cruise line, you don't have to purchase a elegant evening dress, or appeared in an elegant black tie or suite.

With this cruise line you are pretty much free to dress how you want, sit where you want, and eat when you want, it's called free style cruising.

Gifts For Someone Going on a Cruise-Lovely
Cruise Gifts

Eye blinds and ear plugs


Bathing suit


Digital camera


Cruise Gift to Gift Yourself as You Leave Your Cruise Adventure..

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