America  The Gift
To The World

America the gift - This "America"is the greatest gift,(and refuge), to people,nations, and tongue  throughout the world. People who have traveled to this land. 

american flag, america the gift

American flag, america the gift

America is hope for people  who were given the opportunity  to make the USA their home. 

Over a million men and women have given their lives to give all Americans, and (every  immigrant who now reside in this great United States of America) "the gift of freedom and opportunity, to achieve greatness,(if they so desire). 

The Greatest Most Fascinating Present is America The Gift

God Bless America! A country where people of the world desire to be a part of the most. But unfortunately, some people,even nations at the same time do hate). 

This Great United States of America America,(is the  most valuable, most fantastic gift.   

For all  Americans- America  the gift should be the most prize gift, (a prize gift to be born an American) .

For every immigrants, America should be cherish as a irreplaceable gift  (as legal resident or citizen).

And those who were given the  opportunity to visit these United States of America should cherish every moment.  They are walking on a great land.

America The Beautiful is America The Gift

This United States of America,  is America the beautiful and America the Giftawesome America. 

You can travel the back roads, the highways,(visit the parks;observe the hills and valleys),the caves, and you will  see the magnificent beautiful,tranquility of this land.

Mother nature formation is seen in its beauty,(a breath taking natural beauty of God's creation).

In America you can enjoy the freedom to travel (wherever you wish, when you wish). 

You can  bask in the sunshine and the wonders of  God's  world,(mother nature formation).

Such beauty makes me imagine that the designer  and maker of America,(must  make heaven more grand). God bless  beautiful America.

statue of liberty,this united states of america freedom

They Hate The America That  Bless Them-America The Awesome Gift

 Many people in America,(and countries of the world), - expressed  that "America is  not the greatest country anymore"(and  that they don't have to love, respect), and appreciate  this  United States anymore.

Yet if  they don't live in America, (they want to come to America),even stay as an illegal immigrant),to take advantage of America the Gift.

I feel sad that some immigrants in various parts of America, (who were rescued out  of poverty,destruction,annihilation) are so ungrateful and negetive about these United States of America,(when some thing goes wrong for them in this great land).

These folks were given hope  for a n ew beginning in life.  They should be the most proud, (the most thankful, the  most appreciative), for being rescued.  Even if they didnot become successful, (despite their efforts and hardwork). 

Immigrant especially should defend America at any cost.  But ut some, even citizen, (retract their love and dream of America),and verbalize words of condemnation. 

They resent the country that has given  bread to their table,(both family in America, and  Abroad).  They hate the country that   gave them a new life   

They speak words of hatred  against America  the gift  like only an enemy could express. You verbalize to them: "leave America then, go back to your own country" (but they swink back in fear and states:no!

 America the Gift is Great Because America is Good...

In spite of the hatred that  a country, nation, and people have for America, this United States of America,cannot cease to be good.

If America ceases to be good,(even though she may now be weak)- who will help the helpless?

America is a Gift, (a big brother ,sister,and friend to nations). If America is trampled on and destroyed, America,surely will not be the great country that she once was.  

If you  slowly destroy her  with your propaganda. You will bit by bit take the foundation from  under her.  She will no longer be the nation of rescue. and freedom.  God bless America!

people walking sitting together-in this unted states of america

You  will eradicate all that makes America great, (and the wall of protection will be broken down). 

 Many (people may not  realize that, whatever they have  in life -(be it home,family, or country),  will remain great only if they cherish, or keep it  that way.  

America The Gift with Nation of Nations in This  Great USA

America the gift, a  Great  story of us, (immigrants from every nation of nations). A people that dream of this great USA.  A people who long to live in freedom, and hope for prosperity in this United States of America their final destination,(their home).

For  those people who were lucky enough to  be chosen to hold American citizenship,(all people living together in the  same town or scattered around this great land). You  love or hate each other,but all make up the American story of us.   

America, a Great Land; a great country for adventure,a fabulous gift to explore every region, or state.  

America is a awesome gift for every people of the world to visit,a unique gift,(a Country),that people call home. Even the civil war indeed help established America.

America, is like a priceless jewelry to a few,(a priceless gift to many). Many immigrants adores this United States of America.

America, is a country of hope, (where many  folks outside the USA, have gone insane), when their dreams crumbled),they were rejected from entering  this land. 

Some immigrants who  are living  in America ,might even choose  to suffer hardship to live free lin America They are hoping and dreaming that one day they would achieve the American dream.

America the gift- this great country.  Enjoy America, for once you are living here, America, was destine for you.  Be the best you can be in this great land -wonderful America,God bless America!

indian couples sitting together,this united states of america

America Untold Story of Fulfilled Dreams..

  • This  USA is a Country  and  a gift of hope,of fulfilled Dreams-
  • America is one of the best lived countries of the world
  • America - is like a "new birth"
  • "new beginning"
  • A   new adventure
  • "New greatness"
  • A New "gift of love"to many

A new opportunity for a "great education"

America The Gift-The Incredible Gift of a Country

Discover America for yourself, a Great Country -America The Gift to All.. This United States of America is a country where any individual, from any country of the world,of any color.

At any educational level,(perhaps,one has never even finish grade school in his own country), could never even sign his own name,

This individual can achieve greatness. in this America,(America the gift). If he has a family,inner gift of ambition. He can achieve success from his own business, and his hard work.

(Some may return back to school),while working  in a full time job. While taking care of a household. Perhaps ,having language barrier, can  attain a college or university degree.

And may become someone  of excellent  professional standing,(only in America. America a gift to the word),the incredible gift of a country.

America The Gift-a Great Nation of Unique People 

Indeed America is a great nation, a  beautiful country with  every nation,every language, every people, every tongue 

America the gift indeed! This awesome beautiful America. God bless this land for all

Most confident immigrants,who believe in the American  dream, may aspire to (become a  famous American immigrant  in a specific area).

The millionaires who came to America with seventy five dollar in his pocket, and start a business.

The restaurant owner who borrowed money from all his relatives and family to start his business and become successful.  They come to America, nations of nations

Mr and Mrs larmond-immigrants of immigrants,the gift

America The Gift-The Gift of Freedom 

America the gift, a beautiful  country with freedom to communicate your  mind,. Freedom to express your thoughts,your opinion, your ideas,(make sense or nonsense).

Freedom to live your life the way you want,(to be a bum),if that is what you choose.  In fact, so awesome  is the gift of  freedom  of speech in America.

That (any individual may decide that someone  in the government),or the president himself has "offended them"or (that someone in the government have done them wrong.

Thus petition hundreds or thousands of  signature for his impeachment,(removal from his office). Without fear of imprisonment. God bless America.   

America The Gift Of Immigrants-Explore America..

America is a great country to explore, America the gift. This exquisite gift of nature is found in these United States. 

Many people have not experience the wonders and beauty of this great land by travel yet.  This land is a "gift from God" and every people of the world should love, appreciate. 

 Some of its cities are excited, full of life and great recreational activities.  You can visit  charming towns,and quaint villages. 

In some regions.  Bask in the sun and observe natures' beauty calm the spirit from the hustle and bustle of  everyday life.

You Can Be Anything You Want in America The Gift

You can go to the moon if that's your choice, (and you've got the education  and skills to take you there. 

This"America the Gift" - everyone should take advantage of the great resources to change  their lives for the better. No one should choose  the criminal element  to be successful.

t's up to everyone of us  to decide what to do with the best gift that is given to us.   Anyone of  can be successful or prosperous,  

To get to where we desire to go,(we should all remember that God establish America, in the first place. America was  given to "All."  People of every nation and tongue can study in America,and choose to do whatever they wish  to do in life.

We all  are living in this land and partaking of her bountiful blessings,, (whether we were born in America or immigrated to America).

student studying in Park,the gift of america

America The Gift-has Great Minds Great Talent ..

They are brilliant,  (born with great gifts, great talent), they come to America  to enjoy the freedom to be whatever  they want  to be.

In this United States, This America the gift. Walking   around   on our streets also ,are great minds  that  were never utilized.(they are alcoholics and drug addicts)   

These individuals could have  been   great attorneys, great doctors, great scientist, great educators,(or work in the corporate world),  but they never had the discipline, or the strength to stick it out, (when the going got rough.

Some quit along the way. Then there are some, both Americans and Immigrants who work hard and made it to the very end,(they wadeing in the American dream) .

America is still  a country of privilege and opportunity to any man. God bless.

Let us enjoy America,(our home, our country), invest  not only our money ,(but invest our great minds).  We vowed not  to tear down our home,,not to  destroy our  great land. But to make  America  strong  even with our words.

Ten America through us, will continue to be a refuge and strength to the weak,and a friend and a supporter of the strong.

Your Gift and Talent Will Make Room forYou in America  The Gift

America the gift. Gift yourself  this awesome gift where you can express your thoughts and ideas .A gift where you can share your experience, knowledge with the world. Here your gift will make room for you in America.

Then you can obtain revenue from your hard work. This special gift is called  SOLO BUILT IT or SBI!

i gift myself with Solo Build It and created this website. 

Do not worry whether or not you can express yourself  enough in writing. Solo Build It show you how.

The Gift Of Adventure

"America The Gift"

Tell Your Story - What does America Mean to you? what have you gained or lost by being an America?
If you were born outside the USA? what's your take on living in America,(good,bad, and indifferent).

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