Best Anniversary Gifts-
For The One You Love

I love a relationship  anniversary gifts  celebration for couples, where gifts  are exchanged between partners. 

This type of anniversary  restore  excitement and pleasure in relationship.

young couple in love, anniversary gifts for couples

With  most couples anniversary celebration, most times,it's the woman who remembers the time and date of the event.  Sometimes she has to remind her partner. 

However,there are also anniversary celebration where both partners remembers,and plan a secret something,something for each other with gifts.

That anniversary is usually very excited because both partners were thinking of each other. 

What is an anniversary?

An anniversary is a time in ones' life when something occur that is memorable.

The event that occurred is remembered and celebrated every year on the same  month, date, and sometimes even time. This event maybe:

  • The day you met your significant other
  • Your first kiss
  •  When you proposed or was proposed to
  •  When you got married
  •  When a loved-one deceased
  •  Being handed the key to your first house
  •  A birthday
  •  The years you have been together(something                   
      unforgettable, which leads to an (unforgettable

The event for celebration doesn't have to be a large one, depending on what type of event it is. However the anniversary  must be acknowledged with love and appreciation. 

If it's a relationship event, then there are planned celebration  to acknowledge a milestone. As mentioned, gifts are exchanged  from one partner to another to show appreciation and favor).

This is a time for couples to draw closer to each other.

The place for the event should be pre-planned,(whether it's home or in a grand hotel). And the gifts also should already be prepared and set aside for surprise giving.

Women in particular, look forward to a anniversary,(and hope that it's remembered by a partner),whether it's a  spouse,or sweetheart, "the day"is very important. 

The woman is excited,  and look forward perhaps, to be placed on a pedestal on such a day.

What  most women want

1.She would love to feel like a princess,or a queen on her anniversary, memorable day. 

2.Then finally  be carried off into a romantic setting,(be it a elegant hotel, or     even  a motel, or a nicely setting getaway). 

And depending  on how warm and caring that partner is, that special woman may surprise him, as she become that amazing seductress.

biracial couples, gifts for anniversary

Anniversary Gifts For Her-Don't Hide Love

I have heard (women and men) brag "S/he loves me too much to leave me. Then they are shock and devastated when the partner say '"goodbye" to the relationship. 

Remember  that human beings will "put up with",and "tolerate" so much so long. Do not forget to care,and don't forget to show genuine warmth,affection, to the "one you love" and the "one who loves you with respect"  

Do not allow your anniversary gifts be a thing of the past.

  • Take Her out somewhere special, (it's not a must),but it's a fantastic thing to do (a elegant dinner is in order).

  • A luxury hotel overnight stay (if you can afford it)
  •  An exquisite bouquet of flowers.
  • A fabulous jewelry of your choosing.
  • Pearl or diamond earrings

  • A fully paid for Day Spa Treatment.

  • A sexy something,something from Victoria Secret..(walk in the Mall to the store,and pick it out yourself,whatever your heart's desire
  • Watch some great movies together,).(then hand her a gift.
  • An adorable anniversary gift ideas basket.

The most excited,most magnificent, revenue generating ,self esteem building,  anniversary gift for her is Solo Build It!

So Men...

I have encountered women who are irritable- angry- moody,depressed, frustrated all the time(and they show it at work,some talk about it).  

Majority of the women are this way,because of you,(her partner),they are unhappy with their relationship,because you make no effort  in the relationship to be inspiring,caring, to(do something different that makes  her happy).

Women verbalized that "if he could just buy me some flowers,or just take me somewhere different  for that one day,I would be happy, "Everyday is the same-thing!" Hello men, are you there?

In spite of the short coming in the  relationship,these women stick with you, her partner,spouse,or friend.  She love  you,care about you and endure another  unfulfilled anniversary that wasn't realize..  

Solo Build It!

Anniversary Gifts for Him

  • Paid for a night out to his favorite hot spot,or hotel (complete with rose petals leading up to his bed, if he is the romantic type
  •  Fully paid day spa treatment  
  • Fully paid first months gym membership
  • First day flying lesson
  • First day rafting lesson
  • The mountain bike he was talking about
  • Fully paid one day ski trip
  • Improvement golf lesson,(paid for a month).
  • Better,best,most fascinating, pride uplifting,income generating gift for him is Solo Build It!.

So Women

Every man wants to know that you love and appreciate him.  He wants to feel like a king,(even if he is not one in yours eyes).  But it's known that the more you praise a man,the better he become.

10 Anniversary Gift Ideas