I Dream of America-America the Gift

by Joan W.
(New Rochelle, NY)

Let's celebrate the United States of America

Let's celebrate the United States of America

As an immigrant/Permanent Resident of the United States of America, I truly can relate. It was the ultimate dream or should I say destination, and still is today. From a little girl, I can remember the constant buzzing of everyone wanting to go abroad, to America. I would hear conversations from my proud family boasting about who we knew that lived in America. Moreover, we looked forward to getting a phone call from them or even better, having them visit us.

Traveling to America

Little did I know that I too would soon join the ranks of many before me,(traveling to America), going to this place idolized by many. My anxiousness coupled with excitement was so overwhelming; I could not wait to see this America that everyone spoke of as the land of milk and honey, the land where opportunities were limitless. Though sad to leave my beloved family and country behind, I braced myself for the experience of America. This journey to America would deem me special; someone to look up to, giving hope to my friends and relatives that they too can come here someday.

I Live In America

To live in America is a privilege that is hardly acknowledged by people who were born here or came here when they were young. They do not comprehend the sacrifice that their family and sometimes a community/village have to make for the possibility of getting to America. I said possibility because sadly, many started the trip but never got the chance to inhale or step onto this land. Yes, many die every year trying to get to the United States of America, the land of promise,(America the gift).

Reminisce Life before America

Looking back, I was definitely one of those kids who wondered why my family had to leave our beloved country and family to come migrated to this America. I thought our lives were just fine the way it was. We had a lovely home, my parents had great jobs and I went to a great school. I was blessed with wonderful family, friends and community. Yet, they thought it was not sufficient for the future; (they dream that America will be able to offer so much more(America the gift).

Defining My Identity in America

Regardless of how my journey is unraveling in America, I need to be grateful,(at all times). I have the freedom to live my life the way I see fit. There are so many opportunities that although I may not be aware of all of them, (one is enough), for me to do something far better with our life. Let us not blame ourselves for lack of trying, searching or finding these opportunities…because as I write, someone who has immigrated to this country has just found one. That in itself is a gift, a gift that America has given, that one may not have in his or her country
America the gift indeed.

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Jun 07, 2013
America is good.
by: Freda

America is a gift to me that I dream for all my life. Life is good in America.

Apr 17, 2013
America is still a Great Country!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your experience with America.
America is still a great country, 11 million illegals are attempting the American dream,"a better" life in this wonderful country.

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