My Amazing Gift-
       My Friend My Dog

Chip my Papillon, my amazing gift is gone, and i cannot stop crying.  He breathe his last breath in my arms,(I heard a horrible choking cough that  i never heard before),as if something was blocking his airway. 

my amazing gift, my dog chip forever gone

I tried to remove mucus or whatever was in his throat.  I (didn't see anything and he wouldn't let me look deep. He was having tachycardia and difficulty breathing.

Then he just abruptly stop breathing. I gave him CPR,but he wouldn't revive(my vet is miles away). How could this happen so quickly?

My Amazing Gift My Dog Chip is An Amazing Traveler

My amazing gift,my dog. Chip is only 4.5 lbs. He will never sit  anywhere in my car (except beside my left arm at the door on a pillow),or he will whine,and cry like a baby.

It's unbelievable when people in my car hear him,  (they would say,"are you kidding me,if i didn't hear it i  wouldn't believe it"),"that's coming from a dog? He almost sound like a child" 

He wants to be close to me  as possible (right in my lap on a pillow). He trained himself and stay seated without disturbing my driving,(unless someone he likes is in the vehicle trying to get his attention).

chip and maley making friends on boardwalk

My Astounding Friend My Chip,My Dog is Gone

So I'm a RN, I  work nights sometimes. I travel way up in the mountains sometimes for an hour and a half. 

During the day, (the drive is lovely,nice  pictures scenery of nature.  Some homes are miles apart with (horses grazing and lots of acres of farm land).

Then at nights (I dreaded every moment of my drive). The roads are long and dark,and only my car give lights.  I practically sit at the edge of my seat driving. 

But (Chip perched on my left side on a pillow), slightly  resting on my arm looking ahead with me,(and every now and then he glance at me). 

He was my companion for the long tedious ride to work. (I always felt like a person was there with me in the car).I never felt alone. 

I could never leave Chip at home alone(except with my mother). However, he loves to go to daycare where he meets other dogs,(but I hate to leave him).

So Chip goes with me to work day or night, (he fits comfortably in a purse-like carrier under the desk,and(he would sleep until my shift is over). 

No one ever suspected that a dog was with me, (i never disclose it "dogs not allowed during work"). 

Before i entered the facility, I would escort Chip out of my car and he automatically poop and pee immediately,(without me ever waiting for long periods). I never had an accident with my amazing gift my dog.

Once I had to leave him home alone,(and I was late getting back). I thought for sure Chip poop and pee on the carpet.  But what I found  when I arrive home was astounding. Chip went in the bathroom and poop and pee in the bathtub.

How did this small dog, 3lbs  at the time (jump in and out of a deep tub?) How did this dog know he shouldn't pee or poop on my carpet or anywhere? wow.

my chip in the park posing for photo dead

My Amazing Dog, He Was My Amazing Gift-He Will Never Be Again

My dog Chip goes with me to church, to the restaurants, to places where (no dogs allowed).

But no one ever  suspected that (i had a dog with me).  He is quiet and doesn't even peek out the bag,(unless i let him).

He is just happy to be  with me).  Now I'm alone again,(my amazing gift, my  amazing dog), will never be again. He is gone forever today.

My Amazing Dog-My Uncomplaining Friend,My Companion

I would never go for a walk alone, (if Chip wasn't there to go with me). I would never walk in the park by myself,(but Chip loves the park). He is my amazing dog,my uncomplaining friend,my companion.

He loves to chanse squirrels and the ducklings to the  pond,(he also loves to watch the ducks swim) in the pond too,(we would sit there for hours ).

I meditate and work through a problem, and Chip watch everything that goes by,(while sitting quietly on my lap).  Many dogs attempted to reach out to Chip by barking,(but Chip never ever bark back).

Sometimes he ignores them completely.  How could he died and leave me? my amazing gift,my dog Chip. 

Some dogs are mischievous or eat anything around the house.Chip would  never gnaw at anything(unless he find a bone somewhere,perhaps in the park) . He always wait to be fed,(he watches me,and if I don't eat,he doesn't want to eat). 

While Sitting in Quiet Serenity with Your Amazing Dog

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You never know,that revenue could purchase the gift for them ever. It can even pay for the best day-care, when you must be away from home

I gave myself this gift, and wrote about my amazing dog...Solo Build It.

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I Cannot Believe that my Amazing Gift is Gone..

My amazing dog Chip, lay wrapped up in a towel, (with only his head showing, on my lap). 

He died  over an hour ago,(but i thought i felt him move). I look again and he looks like he is sleeping. Then i look at him again and he looks like he is looking at me),he looks so alive. 

But he is not breathing.  Friends and family say to me,"life goes on" "Oh i understand, or that's the way life is".  But how  could they understand my amazing gift,my dog Chip, the benefits of having a dog.

My Gift is Gone FOREVER,My Amazing Dog-What Do I Do NOW?

I didn't need a husband or man-friend to make me happy,(in fact, they are jealous of Chip). 

Chip loved me unconditionally, and is always happy to see me. Whenever he is home, (he never plays by himself,or wonders around the apartment alone). He always wait for me to play with him.

If I'm sitting on the sofa,(he comes and curl up beside me). If I'm on  a chair at the desk,he wants to sit behind my back on the chair,(even if there is no space for both of us). 

If I'm on the bed, he wants to curl up beside me. And if he wants  to go pee, (he gets off from wherever he is) and wait at the door to the bathroom,(then i know he wants to go pee),my amazing gift,my dog.cherish your dog's health.

My Dog Chip Died-How Do I Let Go?

my irreplaceable pal, my gift my amazing dog

My amazing gift, my dog has been more than a true friend,passed on today. What's going on in my life in such a short span? 

my mom sustained a stroke.  I woke up yesterday morning and found a mushroom growing in  the passage way to my bathroom, (on the upstairs floor of my apartment),how strange is that?  

Then a day after my dog died.  Then my toilet is leaking from the base,(all happened one after the other,). Never ever have these things happen to me before. what type of luck do you call this?

A Tribute to My Dog Chip-My Amazing Gift 

It's almost five hours since my dog died.  Chip   is still wrapped up in a towel beside me,(he appeared to be looking at me).

  • Who's is going to sit with me on the bank of long island sound  looking at the water,(while trying to solve a problem), for hours?
  • Who's  going to walk  the boardwalk with me?
  • Who will accompany me on my long journey to work at nights?
  • Who's going to be happy to see me when i entered the house?
  • Who's going to lick  my face when I'm sad or crying?
  • Who's going to bark so loudly while I'm pumping gas.(because he doesn't want to be left alone in the car) or when i go into the post office,(then everyone stares at me,(some lough),and I'm  so embarrassed?
  • Who's  going to sit quietly in a dog purse at work,or on my seat at     church in his doggy bag?
  • Who's  going to let me meet amazing strangers that i would never have met  in my life,and engaged in long conversation? 
  • Who's going to bark if anyone stand or knock on my door?
  • Who's going to sit on my window sill(like a cat)and watch strangers pass by?
  • Who's going to curl up in bed beside me (but will never sleep behind my back,only in my chest area)?
  • Who's going to sit behind me in a chair when i am working ?
  • Who's going to walk with me on the beach when i want to be alone?
  • Who's  going to tolerate me touching and smelling every roses and  plants in the park?
  • Who's going to take long walks with me and love it,(and hates to get    back in the car)?Only my amazing small  dog Chip,but he is gone today forever.
my chip say goodbye, my friend and papillon

My Dog My Papillon My Friend- My Non-Human Companion Taken..

My eyes are sore from crying,(but i don't think i am through).   I do not think  that i can truly sleep tonight. 

Its now 12:48 am, (and Chip is still wrapped in a towel) beside me. He look as if he is sleeping. 

How do i say goodbye? I wish that dogs go to heaven and i will see him there some day. My amazing gift,my Chip,my buddy, I will never forget.