The Gift of Adventure-
Experience Life in All 50 States of America

The gift of adventure to travel across America is amazing.  Visit quaint towns/cities . Sample amazing foods. Meet  welcoming,hospitable, friendly people,you never thought exist in the world.

city of America,Chicago-the gift of adventure

Enjoy different  architectural type  home and businesses. Dream your dream.

I'm not a professional traveler, however,I love the gift of  adventure to  traveli around this great country, this America.

This United States of America  has so much  to offer in all 50 states. All  states has its is own uniqueness to discover and enjoy.  

  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisianan
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska 
  • Nevada 
  • new Hampshire
  • new jersey    
  • new Mexico        
  • new york    
  • north Carolina     
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio         
  • Oklahoma 
  • Oregon        
  • Pennsylvanian        
  • Rhode island          
  • south Carolina    
  • south Dakota   
  • Tennessee   
  • Texas    
  • Utah     
  • Vermont   
  • Virgina     
  • Washington  
  • west Virgina 
  • Wisconsin     
  • Wyoming

Perhaps you just want to explore big cities such as Boston,New York,Chicago etc? check out discovery Boston guide, for  a  trip to Boston.

Have fun! I wish  that "all"  people would explore this great USA  with some of its pictures beautiful land, with its warmth,and the positive experience that I have encountered in various cities.

Although there are negatives too,but most times, the good out weights all the challenges that one may experience). Travel by plane and visit a city.

travel America by plane,adventurous travel

The Gift of Adventure - Visit Cities of The USA-See That Not All Americans are Arrogant...

Travel  in regions of America, where not all people in  United States of America are like the ones you meet in your neck of the  Woods.

Just because you meet some very rude people in your city,(that does't mean that all Americans are the same). There are good, bad and  indifferent people in every parts of the world.

You can find piggish,,grumpy,mean,ill mannered, and  hostile people, in America. And they are from every race.  Some hostile attitude are hidden within their language,(because you do not understand them).

But live in their household for a period of time and you will see that they are not what you think,(so do not judge Americans).  Your race and your people have lots of issues too. 

America offers so much. Travel and see for yourself  throughout  this great land. It  may take a lifetime.  But  go discover the national parks in various regions,(one place at a time).

Enjoy The Gift of Adventure by Train and View Pictures Mountains and Valleys

Can you imagine America with all its past ? a country that was founded by our forefathers. A  country that many Americans died for; a land that people were made slave for. 

Now here we are travelling this country by train and enjoying the view of these pictures mountain and valleys'  We all feel free and happy enjoying such a tranquil moment.

You can travel anywhere in the world, but you choose the USA. Be at peace as you write your adventurous story, on rails.

travel america by train,the gift of adventure

Incredible travel across America this Amazing USA..

One of the fascinating things to witness in a city(maybe your town or city), is to see  tourist  buses exploring areas of your own town you didn't even know exits.

You didn't even know of some of the historical significance of some of the houses you pass everyday. But others from afar come to observe  it.Experience the gift you have , a part of the past in your part of America.

The Gift of Adventure in America The Beautiful

You may want to enjoy all that is America,to send  gifts to family and friends locally and abroad. 

You search and search for items that say America, but was made in  China   or elsewhere, (find your American made goods).  

Where to find made in America gifts as you travel across America. 

  • Wilson Footballs
  • Royal apparel
  • Cut loose creations
  • Orthodox wedding crowns
  • Hanky Panky
  • Honey girl water wear
  • Rocky me baby clothing
  • The cats pajamas
  • Gnu snow boards
  • Stryker golf
  • Avani activewear
  • Victoria leather 
  • Goodnighties recovery 
  • Sterling wear of Boston
  • Hats in the belfry
  • Stormy Kromer hats
  • Archival clothing
  • Diamond Gusset Jeans
  • Solmate socks
  • Nuridic wear
  • Vinturi wine aerator
  • Dara tough Vermont socks
  • Fantasy sports trophies
  • Color my soul (organic T.shirts)
  • Montauk tackle company
  • Murbles outdoor sports game
  • Beatrixbell Handcrafted 
  • Jewelry
  • Slinky
  • K'nex
  • Wisconsin Made
  • Fat brain toys
  • Pure play kids
  • L.L.Bean
  • H F Coors dinnerware
  • Tervis tumblers
  • All Clad
  • NESCO kitchen products
  • Sunset Hill stonewear
  • Glass Dharma the original 
  • glass straw
  • All American Clothing Co.

The Gift of Adventure in a Country Where Freedom Reigns..

Discover America  the gift - a country created by God,richly blessed,"god's country.

All who lives in  America,and hope to be a part of  this country.When you enjoy the gift of America,you're free To explore this great land,without  limits.

You're free to choose and live wherever you wish. Free   to associate and  marry whom you wish,free to  choose riches,or free to be poor. Your choice....

travel america by car,traveling across the usa

The Gift of Adventure-Unique Gift To Gift Yourself and Others..

As you travel this  United States of America, and (even if you're in other parts of the world), give yourself a fabulous gift that will bring out the best in you. A gift that can generate income....Solo Build It! or SBI!

With this technology gift, you can write about your thoughts,ideas and dreams,(whatever experience or knowledge you have),as you travel America, or relax at home...then share with the world.


Travel America by Train

train travel travel across america